This book – presented in May 2023 and developed by Miguel Angel Gardetti and Patricia Larios-Francia – highlights that fashion, and the growth of fashion, is presented as the manifestation of a process of civilisation, within a capitalist culture (capital understood as material possessions) that has become global and imperialist, of which – in an economic sense – the industry (or the fashion system?) functions as one of its main instruments of exploitation. This book therefore proposes a decolonial look at this problem.

This book – presented in 2021 and developed by Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu y Miguel Ángel Gardetti– highlights the Eco-design and Sustainable design in textiles and fashion, aimed at reducing their environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Sustainable design is one of the core elements practiced in various industrial sectors. The textiles and fashion sector, is also creating a huge environmental brunt in terms of various fibres, processes, consumption of various resources including dyes, chemicals and auxiliaries, etc. Thus, sustainable design is the key to reduce the environmental impacts made out of textiles and fashion products. This book includes seven informative chapters to decipher the concept and applications of sustainable design in textiles and fashion.

Developed by Miguel Angel Gardetti and Rosa Patricia Larios-Francia, this book -presented in 2021- highlights the sustainable aspects of fashion and textiles in Latin America and discusses how the manufacturing and consumption of textile products and fashion are significant sources of environmental damage. It addresses important issues of water and energy consumption in the textile and fashion industry and using case studies presents how social responsibilities in consumer behavior can help in minimizing these environmental issues for a better future.

This book -developed by Subramanian S. Muthu y Miguel Angel Gardetti– consists of five volumes that explores sustainability in textile and apparel industry practices globally. Presented in 2020, case studies are provided that cover the theoretical and practical implications of sustainable textile issues, including environmental footprints of textile manufacturing, consumer behavior, eco-design in clothing and apparels, supply chain sustainability, the chemistry of textile manufacturing, waste management and textile economics. The set will be of interest to researchers, engineers, industrialists, R&D managers and students working in textile chemistry, economics, materials science, and sustainable consumption and production.

Miguel Angel Gardetti and Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu published the book “Organic Cotton”. This book -presented in 2019- highlights the traditional boundaries of the textile industry and discusses to what extent organic cotton is sustainable. It also examines the domestic and international influences of agricultural practices on cotton.

Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu and Miguel Angel Gardetti published a book titled “Sustainable Fibers for the Fashion Industry.” These two volumes cover almost every sustainable fibre applicable to the fashion industry, while integrating the importance of these fibres into the sustainability context. The two volumes –first of their kind- address every detail related to these fibres, and connect them to the (sustainable) fashion world. Moreover, they stress the importance of including these fibres in the production of sustainable clothes, since they play a leading role as the starting point in the clothing life cycle.
The first volume was launched in March 2016, and the second one, in May 2016.

Miguel Angel Gardetti and Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu published the book titled “Ethnic Fashion”, which is the first book dedicated to ethnic fashion and intended to promote and revalue mainly aboriginal cultures. It deals with the importance of sustainability (including culture) and ethnics in the clothing industry. This book also addresses ethnic fashion-related concepts and case studies.

Miguel Angel Gardetti and Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu published “Green Fashion”. Both volumes detail the crux of green fashion, addressing various environmental aspects and discussing the importance of sustainable fashion in the apparel industry. The first volume was presented in January 2016, and second one in February 2016.

Miguel Angel Gardetti -Founder and Director of the Sustainable Textile Center- and Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu published the “Handbook of Sustainable Luxury Textiles and Fashion”. It is the first book exclusively devoted to sustainable luxury textiles and fashion.
This book is made up of two volumes: the first one which presentation was in August 2015 and the second one in September 2015.

Ana Laura Torres and Miguel Angel Gardetti –founders and coordinators of the Sustainable Textile Center- were the “guest editors” of the book “Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles: Values, Design, Production and Consumption” (Greenleaf Publishing, UK) (March 2013).