Advisory Board

To accomplish its mission, the Sustainable Textile Center –CTS, in Spanish- has created an Advisory Board which, to date, is made up of different renowned academic experts in the field of sustainability and textiles, including, among others:


Dr. Christopher M. Pastore. Co-director of The Engineering and Design Institute of Philadelphia University –USA- and Professor at the . In 2000, Dr. Pastore was granted the “Fiber Society Award for Distinguished Achievement in Basic or Applied Fiber Science” by the Fiber Society.


Dr. Anil Narayan Netrevali. Professor at the Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design, College of Human Ecology, Cornell University –USA-.
Dr. Netrevali is a member of the Advisory Committee of the International Workshop on Green Composites and the International Scientific Committee for the Amazonic Green Materials and Processes Meetings.


Kate Fletcher. Member of Center for Sustainable Fasion, London College of Fashion -University of the Arts, UK- and Head of Slow Fashion –UK-. Author of the book “Sustainable Fashion and Textiles,” and the paper “Systems change for sustainability in textiles”.