Aligned with its mission – academic learning and research should become vital and current for future leaders from the business, the government, and the third sector, the Instituto de Estudios para la Sustentabilidad Corporativa (Center for Study of Corporate Sustainability) has decided to set up -in 2008- the Centro Textil Sustentable (CTS) (Sustainable Textile Center (STC)) to provide this sector of the economy with a broader outlook in order to ensure that social and environmental issues are fully integrated into the decision-making process by assessing the Sustainability strategy challenge. This Center promotes a holistic, multidimensional and more sustainable view of the textile sector, which -as already seen, includes fashion. To become an internationally renowned academic research center focused on promoting and creating a sustainable textile and fashion industry. This will be attained by building and transferring knowledge, education and development of capabilities and strategic alliances.


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Deutsches Textilforum – Heft 2/82 Juni.

Deutsches Textilforum – Heft 1/85 März.

Deutsches Textilforum – 2/95 June.